Basic Premise

Here’s the PR recipe for advocacy campaigns (which sounds simple but isn’t): combine powerful messages, carefully selected audiences, toss in a few high profile public events and memorable images and – voila! – an effective public relations campaign.

PR Toolkit

basic premise offers clients a flexible media outreach “toolkit” that includes: Media Kits, Fact Sheets & Campaign Materials.
Every campaign or organization needs to produce written materials. It’s essential that the material be timely, accurate, and persuasive.
We provide clients with a range of media materials:

  • Press kits & media advisories for traditional and social media
  • Action kits for activist
  • FAQ & fact sheets
  • Blogs & Tweets
  • Talking points
  • Bylined articles
  • Human -interest profiles


Identify Key Audiences

To influence the policy debate, make waves, or change the paradigm, it’s essential to clearly identify one’s target audiences and markets. basic premise can conduct an analysis to identify which messages are appropriate for such target audiences as:

  • Power brokers
  • Catalytic agents
  • Networks of allies
  • Funders, board & staff

The questions are: Who can make your vision of a better society happen? Who benefits from the status quo, and who might be an ally in changing it? Who are your natural allies, and which vested interests represent adversaries?
Thanks to social networking, it’s easier than ever before to identify and even link to clusters of power brokers, new groups of catalytic agents, and of course, new networks of potential activists.


Develop Strong Messages

To break through information overload and “noise”, your advocacy campaign needs a clear, powerful and marketable message. We provide PR services that help clients:

  • Distill a complex position to a simpler message
  • Address key audiences
  • Appeal to shared values
  • Create a call to action
  • Tailor your messaging to the medium


Frame Your Issue

The original edition challenged outdated stereotypes of a dangerous Brooklyn, a place to leave. The third edition, listing 1500 destinations, from museums to parks to restaurants, celebrates Brooklyn as a place that has arrived.

Appearances really do count: how a campaign is framed can make or break opportunities for funding, publicity, and substantive policy change. basic premise works on creative reframing of issues to meet clients advocacy or marketing goals.

Reframing requires a kind of leap of imagination. Medical malpractice insurance reform? It’s also a health equity issue. Education for special needs children? It doubles as a civil rights issue. Like reframing a photograph, reframing an issue can breathe new life into a back-of-the-burner topic.








Create NEWS!

Huge puppets representing the permanent members of the UN Security Council in protest at Dag Hammarskjöld Plaza across from UN headquarters, New York City.

Many advocacy organizations are sitting on timely stories and data that are available right within their files and day to-day work: statistics, stories, experts, and even graphic images. Like “shopping in your own closet,” newsworthy stories and images may be buried in a client’s archives, or institutional memory.
When possible, we find and repackage a stream of newsworthy data for websites, press releases and blogs. And, of course, we help clients create news hooks for their stories.


  • Find news nuggets in your campaign
  • Issue studies, research and reports
  • Organize special events
  • Create memorable graphics to communicate your message


Graphic Imagery

Designed by Seymour Chwast, this satirical 2008 election year image was part of a “McBush” series that went viral, and was used on bumper stickers, and t-shirts in swing states.

In today’s media environment, a picture’s not just worth a thousand words – it’s often worth, thousands of dollars, votes, friends, and members, too.


Consider how images travel – on TV, in print, online, in email attachments, on YouTube, and on tattoos, posters, car stickers, and on t-shirts. We aim to use the power of the image, whether it’s a homemade YouTube video or a professional art poster to motivate people to get involved in advocacy issues and take an action, such as:

  • Join a campaign
  • Show up at a protest
  • Sign a petition or
  • Send a contribution.

At basic premise, we delight in crafting smart, sometimes ironic, campaign graphics that force people to stop and think.


New Media

Hopping on board the “new media” bandwagon, advocacy organizations are texting and using websites, Facebook, Twitter, phone apps, and social networking to achieve social change.
basic premise helps you harness the incredible communications power of the Web to build your constituency, broadcast your perspective, market your ideas, and build awareness of your issue. To integrate new media applications into your communications strategy, we:

  • Consult on online campaign strategy
  • Create messaging & campaign materials
  • Launch the cyber campaign
  • Provide content, such as blogs, e-petitions and letters to elected officials
  • Create online grassroots activist kits


Public Events

Rallies, marches, protests, vigils, walks, and other public events are a powerful way to show public support for your issue or cause. Public events also provide a media platform for leaders and allies.
basic premise specializes in grassroots public events that send a powerful message.


  • Conceptualize public events, always with a fresh media angle
  • Create strong graphics and messaging
  • Prepare outreach materials to mobilize participants
  • Help build coalitions
  • Communicate to, and mobilize, key constituencies
  • Market the event

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