Basic Premise

Whether you’re seeking to fight juvenile obesity or stop genocide, sometimes the most effective strategy is a full-throttle campaign.

National Grassroots

Tens of thousands of shoes displayed in front of Congress protest epidemic levels of annual civilian gun deaths in the USA.
Photo Courtesy of Silent March

Our campaigns operate simultaneously on two levels: the head and the heart.
We lead from the head, because ideas and facts matter. Our campaigns and special projects showcase timely information. We target your communiqués to your niche audiences: media, policy makers, and activists.
Emotions, too, drive social change. So, as appropriate, we’re true to the emotional reality of our client’s issues, from the stress of care-giving, to the joys of healthy aging to the despair over a preventable pediatric death.
Create messaging and policy “asks”
Identify audiences
Frame the campaign to capture both national attention and local interest
Help mobilize coalitions


Hospital in the aftermath of 9/11/2001, a community fundraising effort helped finance purchase of HAZMAT suits and radiation detectors for emergency preparedness.
Photo courtesy of Long Island College

Old-fashioned grassroots campaigns still work. basic premise works with local and regional groups on advocacy campaigns.


Among the services we provide:

We offer expertise in publicizing innovative model programs that might be productively replicated in other communities.




Public Education

Public education campaigns often seek to shift opinion, influence the policy climate, or change personal behavior. basic premise can participate in clients’ public education work at many different levels, for instance:


Social Responsibility

Many transnational companies tout high-minded social responsibility statements. When financial conflicts of interest arise, however, such commitments can waver.
Photo of Darfur refugee, with permission of Mia Farrow

In a globalized world, the international business community wields immense influence in major policy areas.


basic premise is available to work on social responsibility advocacy campaigns that seek to educate and inform corporate policy on such issues as human rights, ageism, social justice, and health equity.

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