Basic Premise

How Can You Use Data to Challenge Unexamined Assumptions?

Whether in digital format or in print, charts and graphs can tell the tale. Using data, this booklet made the case for a seismic shift in US healthcare funding, from acute to chronic care.

Health Data Challenges Assumptions

Our basic premise for this special project:
Fact and perception (sometimes distant cousins) can be brought closer if good data is well communicated.


Public Health PR Challenge:
For decades, America’s healthcare system has been geared toward the treatment of acute disease. But today, most Americans suffer not from acute disease, but from chronic illness.

A leading health foundation commissioned us to write a “Chart Book” outlining newly-minted research on chronic disease. Their audience was comprised of policy makers, thought leaders and the media.


Our Strategy:
To help shift the focus of our health care system to chronic ailments, we worked closely with the client to create a reader-friendly, fact-filled resource describing the nature and prevalence of chronic conditions in the US.


Our Success Story:
The Chronic Care Chart book summarizes highlights of the chronic care revolution in easy-to-use charts, graphs, and bullet points. The Foundation distributed thousands of copies to policy makers, health care journalists, thought leaders, and leaders of major medical and health groups.

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