Basic Premise

How Do You Make a”Big Idea” Digestible?

Show, don’t tell. Fifteen pages detail how baby boomers can re-think retirement, and retrain for post-career jobs that help others.
A project for Civic Ventures, Inc.

Baby Boomers Give Back: Finding Paid Jobs that Help Society

Our basic premise for this special project:
To support a visionary “paradigm shift,” make the vision concrete.


PR Challenge:
As part of a MetLife Foundation project on “The New Face of Work,” the nonprofit group Civic Ventures seeks to prepare a booklet for American baby boomers on “How to Find ‘Good’ Work.”


Our Strategy:
We create an informative resource showcasing specific careers open to baby boomers who want to “give back” to society. The focus is on meaningful work that addresses pressing social problems or serious community issues.


Our Success Story:
The popular booklet, Boomers Guide to Good Work, is available in print and also free online, details how baby boomers can both “do good” and “make money.”

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  • Ellen is a solid thinker, excellent writer and first-rate presenter. She’s thoughtful, collegial, and thorough.

    ~Dick Goldberg, Director of Coming of Age, a partnership of Temple University’s Intergenerational Center and Philadelphia’s PBS/NPR affiliate, among others.