Basic Premise

How Can a Small Advocacy Group Use Research to Pressure Government?

“While conflicts in the world will not cease overnight, if we could have peace for (a few) days, then, maybe, just maybe, we could have it forever.” – Julian Hunte, president of the United Nations General Assembly, 2004
Photo with permission of Dream for Darfur

Halt Genocide by Invoking Ancient Olympic Truce

Our basic premise for this campaign:
Research can create a news hook.


Public Health PR Challenge:
Horrific human rights abuses and genocidal attacks are reported from Darfur, Sudan, months before the 2008 Olympic Games in China.
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Our assignment from the anti-genocide campaign, Dream for Darfur, is to create a media opportunity to publicly pressure the United Nations to exert greater demands on the Sudanese regime.


Our Strategy:
For a news hook, we revisit an ancient tradition, the Olympic Truce. In a report, we document cases in which former UN Secretary Generals and the International Olympic Committee had invoked the modern Olympic Truce in an effort to halt international violence, including genocide in Sarajevo. We call for the international community to again invoke the ancient “Olympic Truce” for Darfur on the occasion of the 2008 Ollympic Games.


Our Success Story:
The Olympic Truce report provides both new information and a news hook. A celebrity-led press conference releasing our report showcases the discrepancy between the ideals of the Olympics and the political reality of the 2008 Games.

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