Basic Premise

How Can Advocacy Groups Target Powerful NonProfits?

Dream for Darfur flunked the International Olympic Committee on a 2008 human rights report card.Accutane
Photo with permission of Dream for Darfur

Social Responsibility Campaign: NGOs Aren’t Angels

Our basic premise for this campaign:
Large, powerful NGOs should be accountable to the public whose good they are supposed to serve.


Public Health PR Challenge:
The founding charter of the Geneva-based International Olympic Committee (IOC) resonates with humanitarian language. However, in its day-to-day operations , the IOC claims “political neutrality.”


But silence in the face of genocide can be eloquent — and profoundly political. In 2008, as China uses the Beijing Olympic Games to stage its debut as a world power, the IOC remains silent on China’s extensive trading relations with Sudan, whose government is supporting genocide in Darfur. An advocacy campaign, Dream for Darfur, calls on the IOC to press China to demand a halt to Sudan’s government-sponsored violence.


Our Strategy:
A report, commissioned by Dream for Darfur, highlights the gap between the IOC’s humanitarian mission statement and their business-as-usual silence about Darfur.


Our Success Story:
The report, titled “Foul Play: How the IOC Failed the Olympic Charter and Darfur,” generates extensive publicity about China’s involvement with Sudan, China’s human rights record—and the IOC’s recalcitrance.

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  • Ellen wrote a brilliant report on corporate social responsibility, Darfur and the Olympics. ~Jill Savitt, Director, Dream for Darfur at Public Interest Projects