Basic Premise

How Do You Control the Message When 20,000 People Are Delivering It?

Tens of thousands of shoes displayed in front of Congress protest epidemic levels of annual civilian gun deaths in the USA. Photo by Silent March

Messages, Loud & Clear

Our basic premise for this campaign:
Orchestrating a national message with a local voice is an art.


PR Challenge:
Our challenge is to orchestrate clear messaging during a nationwide grassroots campaign with both national and state legislative components.


Our Strategy:
Decentralizing the media outreach, empower local activists. We create a 10-page press kit, complete with press releases, sample op eds, instructions, and talking points. Every element of the press kit carries the main national message with local variations on the theme.


Our Success Story:
With professional materials in hand, local activists generate extensive radio, television and print coverage nationwide, with a strong, consistent but localized message. A secondary result is impromptu media training of many local activists who serve as spokespersons.

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