Basic Premise

How Do You”Make a Silk Purse from a Sow’s Ear?”

The original edition challenged outdated stereotypes of a dangerous Brooklyn, a place to leave. The third edition, listing 1500 destinations, from museums to parks to restaurants, celebrates Brooklyn as a place that has arrived.

Brooklyn Makeover

Our basic premise for this special project:
A contrarian perspective often makes news.


PR Challenge:
Brooklyn is trendy today. Celebrities live in Park Slope brownstones; Williamsburg is known worldwide for art and music. But before its renaissance, and for decades after World War II, much of Brooklyn was blighted. It had a reputation for crime and seediness.


Our Strategy:
To fight nasty public misperceptions of Brooklyn — and to celebrate its ethnic neighborhoods, storied history, and characterful mom-and-pop shops — we write the first commercially published guidebook to Brooklyn in 50 years.


Our Success Story:
Of course, we don’t take full credit for “Bklyn’s” image makeover. But it doesn’t hurt to have a guidebook dedicated to the wonderful things to do, places to go, and foods to eat in this borough of 2.6 million residents.

Our Brooklyn guidebook goes into three editions, morphing from 268 to 500 pages as the borough gentrifies. The third edition won a coveted “Society of American Travel Writers’ “Lowell Thomas Travel Journalism Competition”- along with the backhanded compliment of being dubbed “a comprehensive guidebook to an underrated destination.”

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