Basic Premise

The Big Sell? How Do You Help Baby Boomers Believe that Aging Can Be Fun?

Interactive formats, such as worksheets, engage readers. This book utilizes dozens of interactive quizzes and exercises.

Healthy Aging

Our basic premise for this special project:
Fit the language to the audience.


Public Health PR Challenge:
Our challenge is to communicate about healthy lifestyles to a baby boomer audience, without using the taboo “A” word — that is, aging. This Rx includes diet and exercise, social support and meaningful activities.


Our Strategy:
Because baby boomers resist thinking of themselves as “aging,” according to surveys, we avoid such words as “old” and “aging.”  We communicate solid medical advice about healthy aging, but reframe it as “tips on living fully in the post-career years.”


Our Success Story:
The lively, 300-page book, Looking Forward: An Optimist’s Guide to Retirement includes a hundred recommendations, based in peer-reviewed gerontology literature. Health recommendations are “translated” into a fun reading style, and illustrated with cartoons.

A non-financial retirement guide for baby boomers, it ranks high on Amazon, and is among the first wave of consumer books to address the new paradigm of aging in the US.

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  • "Guidebook to what's next and what's possible in the next chapter, covers the landscape in a stylish and easily digestible volume. Great graphics and resource section, replete with Web sites, literature, and a directory of organizations."

    Wall Street Journal Online - Feb 2005 (PDF, 114K)