Basic Premise

basic premise offers communications consulting for non-profit organizations, philanthropic foundations, government agencies, as well as for-profit companies seeking to expand their corporate social responsibility portfolios.

We work in the following broad issue areas:

  • Aging, baby boomers, care-giving, and that frontier known as the longevity revolution
  • Civic engagement
  • Community-based initiatives
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Human rights
  • Public health and prevention, including emergency preparedness, health reform, stress management
  • Redefining work: jobs of the future
  • Suicide, homicide, genocide prevention

To shape the debate in today’s fast-morphing environment, communications strategies must be inventive, engaging, and newsworthy across both traditional and new media.

Simple to say, hard to do. And, we do it.

For a consultation, please contact us.

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