Basic Premise

We know there are tons of consultants out there. So here are a few reasons to consider our services.

5 Reasons for Using basic premise Communications

  1. We are serious content providers. We ensure that when our clients undertake a PR campaign, it is about real ideas, with solid information based in research – communicated with originality.
  2. Experience: We have a terrific network of experts with whom we work on a project basis.ᅠ So if you need a brochure written, a professional marketer will do it. If you need an article written, you can bet that your ghostwriter will be a professional journalist. If you need to do some research, we know some of the best – trained secondary researchers in the business.
  3. We come from the world of advocacy. We have personally worked in the non-profit advocacy arena as activists for years, so we are familiar with the peculiar terrain of grassroots campaigns and policy advocacy. It’s different from corporate marketing. We’re in this, too, to make the world a better place.
  4. We’re smart. Well, we hope so! Lots of agencies can churn out press releases. But we dig into issues and specialize in creative problem solving. And there’s nothing we love more than a challenging assignment. We can help you conceive original campaigns that break new ground.
  5. We won’t reinvent your wheel. If it ain’t broke, we won’t try to fix it. We focus on the challenge at hand.







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Basic Premise LLC works on special projects and research-based PR initiatives.

    We write PR plans, brainstorm about positioning, and create content, in the form of E-books, blogs, and articles.

    Our focal areas are health and human rights, aging and the longevity revolution, and the celebration of local solutions to big picture problems.

    Clients use our work for public education, in lobbying for legislative change, and to influence thought leaders.

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