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Ellen is an independent and self-motivated project leader and writer, demonstrating unusually high levels of creativity and clarity in her writing. She is a big impact contributor, drawing on her very high level of skill at organizing information, tactics, and strategies. She is a quick learner and integrates her work and contributions into a complex environment well. She has very effective interpersonal skills for 1-1 interactions, not only within the team and the extended team, but also as a representative of the team to senior executives outside the team. ~Eric Cohen, Chairperson, Investors Against Genocide 


Ellen Freudenheim is a dedicated, passionate and focused individual who’s tremendously knowledgeable and committed to her work. We brought her in to our non-profit to help move a stagnating board off the dime. She immediately contacted the Yale School of Management and got a team of students in to analyze our business and make recommendations that could immediately be implemented. Her strategic thinking and her broad contacts in many areas of health care, publishing and other businesses made her an invaluable member of our team. I can recommend her unequivocally to anyone and would be glad to back that up with a phone call if needed. ~Steve Lance, Emmy Award winner and co-author of The Little Blue Book of Advertising (Portfolio/Penguin July 2006)


Ellen is an excellent writer and steadfast supporter of good causes. She was named a Fellow for the Join Together Fellows Program .. in recognition of her leadership abilities. Ellen is a strategic thinker who knows how to get the job done. ~Anara Guard, Director of Information and Outreach, Join Together


Communications Products

Ellen wrote a brilliant report on corporate social responsibility, Darfur and the Olympics. ~Jill Savitt, Director, Dream for Darfur at Public Interest Projects 


Ellen’s a great writer. Her travel guides were steady sellers for St. Martin’s Press with multiple editions. Hopefully more guides are on the way. ~David Moldawer, St. Martin’s Press



Energetic and dynamic, Ellen clearly understood and utilized the concepts of building word-of-mouth attention … through grassroots marketing strategies.” ~Inbal Vellucci, Harry N. Abrams, Inc.


Ellen is a solid thinker, excellent writer and first-rate presenter. She’s thoughtful, collegial, and thorough. ~Dick Goldberg, Director of Coming of Age, a partnership of Temple University’s Intergenerational Center and Philadelphia’s PBS/NPR affiliate, among others.

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Basic Premise LLC works on special projects and research-based PR initiatives.

    We write PR plans, brainstorm about positioning, and create content, in the form of E-books, blogs, and articles.

    Our focal areas are health and human rights, aging and the longevity revolution, and the celebration of local solutions to big picture problems.

    Clients use our work for public education, in lobbying for legislative change, and to influence thought leaders.

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